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Offer Store offers “Get Money Back” services to people in a highly convenient manner since people can easily avail our services by following a few simple steps. The process has been significantly optimized through constant feedback from our customers with the help of which we have been able to maximize user experience and quality of our services. The steps involved in the process to obtain rebates and money-back services by purchasing online products through our channel are as following:

  • Select the desired product from an online store: A list of all the stores for which we offer rebates and money-back services is provided on our website. People can select products available in these stores for purchasing.
  • Forward the information of products to our team: Once a product has been selected for purchasing from a particular store then people can forward the information of the product to our team. It should be ensured that the price of the product is greater than $75 as we are able to offer significant cash back on products having prices in this range.
  • Confirmation of the availability of the product: Once the information of the product has been forwarded to our team by the customer then our team will confirm the availability of the product from the seller. In most cases, we are able to secure products from the seller while in rare cases sellers do not have these products in their stock. 
  • Placing of order: Once the availability of the product has been confirmed from the seller then our team will place the order for the product, which will be received by the customer as per the policies of the store. We will provide the details of the customer while placing the order so that the product will be directly received by the customer.
  • Rebate, money-back or cashback: In addition to receiving the product, the customer will also receive a cashback from Offer Store. The amount received by them in cashback depends on a number of different factors such as product purchase, store, price of the product, etc. In most cases, people will receive a significant cashback or percentage rebate, which will make the offer highly lucrative for them. There are a number of different options available through which rebates are offered to the customers.

Offer Store is among the major companies offering money-back services to millions of customers all over the world for purchasing products from scores of online stores that are listed on our website. We are also one of the most reliable and professional platforms on the internet and our team is always available to solve the queries of customers in order to enhance their user experience while obtaining the services offered by us. One of the major questions that are raised by customers is that how are we able to offer money back, rebates, and cash back services to customers which can be of significant percentage in different cases?

Our company has secured deals with a number of online shopping platforms through which they offer us discounts and cash rebates on purchasing products. We provide them with customers and orders on their products due to which they offer us a percentage of discount. We then share a percentage of this discount with our customers who tend to purchase products through our channel in the form of rebates, money back, and cashback services. This is a simple process and rebates are offered to customers in 2-3 days after their purchase has been completed and products have been delivered to them. In this way, customers are able to conveniently obtain their products while at the same time receive rebates. Their overall experience of shopping remains the same or even gets better since we are handling the process of purchasing product on their behalf. Our team works arduously in order to secure the best deals on online platforms due to which we are able to retain our customers for years and offer them hundreds of dollars of cash rebates depending upon their purchases.

These are different terms, which are used when online shopping platforms or companies offer a percentage of money spent on purchasing a particular product by customers back to them as a discount or saving. Customers purchase the product by paying the amount for which it is listed on the online platform but they are offered a percentage of money back as a cashback offer, which can be a source of saving for them, or they can choose to buy additional products. Similarly, some companies are also able to offer cashback to customers while purchasing the products for them since they have cashback or discount deals with online platforms. In this way, customers have the opportunity to save or earn money by opting those options with the help of which they will be able to receive a cashback for purchasing online products. They will receive more money in cash back when they purchase more products and in this way, they will be able to save a significant amount of money depending upon the size of their purchase.

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